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Photo by Jay Heike

Firefighter’s Gallery


Project: A New Appreciation / Awareness of Our Firefighters with Story and Artwork by Carol Martin

Do we truly comprehend the dangers and the intenseness our men and women firefighters face in fighting a fire, a fire that has its own life and personality?  Recently, I was inspired by God (and a close friend who is a retired firefighter) to start painting fires, different types of fires, not just my usual collections of landscapes.  We view the fire videos every year in California, but has it become an “Oh, well. Another fire.”  It was for me until I began painting fires and realized how devastating fires are; I hope my paintings cause greater appreciation and compassion for all firefighters.


Take the time to thank your local firefighters, maybe visit their stations, writing letters or send emails and make a donation to the Los Angeles County Firefighter’s Benefit & Welfare Assn.,  And, to all friends and families of firefighters, take on a new awareness of the services involved being a firefighter, they run to a fire, as we runaway.

A few excerpts from Ann Landers “What is a Fireman”: “He’s the guy (or gal) next door. He (or she) puts it all on the line when the bell rings. ” Camaraderie of brave men and women. “The Devine peace of selfless service and a job well done in the name of all men.”

Painting of a photo posted in November 2019 issue “Straight Streams” magazine. LACO Firefighter’s Benefit & Welfare Assn.

Firefighters! Have a picture of a fire you have taken, if you email to me at, creator of Carol’s Originals Artwork,  I will paint an 8×10 at no cost and mail it to you unframed, it is my thanks for what you do to save and protect life , structures , and all of God’s creatures.